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REALINTHAFIELD Launches Multi-Cultural Unity and Social Campaign

REALINTHAFIELD WITH 2020 VISION sparks the flame of multicultural unity with a social campaign to promote the marathon to communities nationwide. REALINTHAFIELD continues the marathon in 2020 with the roll out of a Multi-Cultural Unity Campaign, "A Face in Every Race".

REALINTHAFIELD is a socially conscious group of dedicated individuals in the entertainment industry and private sector who are committed to community empowerment. Through creative project launches within various communities, REALINTHAFIELD breaks down barriers through championing continued education for youth and adults, business development and other community success strategies. REALINTHAFIELD is on a mission to create positive change, one block at a time, one community at a time. King Kool & the West Coast Getcha Gotcha Entertainment, Inc. present the next greatest and most needed movement in Hip Hop: “The Reconstruction of Hip Hop”. This movement is the coming together of spiritual and mental forces of all ethnicities and believers to bring knowledge and peace to all communities. In every generation there is a movement of thought, character and intellect that defies and motivates the masses. The birth of Hip Hop created a genre of music and a cultural influence that has become void of all racial and geographical bias. Thus, as we pursue this movement we have adapted the slogan “A Face for Every Race". The meaning behind we invite people of all colors, religious beliefs, and or point of views to meet in unity. Together we devise concepts and plan to reconstruct the integrity of Hip Hop to restore a sense of togetherness. “Thank you, Hip Hop, for helping to erase racism. Let God Be The Reason."- REALINTHAFIELD

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